From Ashy to Classy

From Ashy to Classy

How to do your own highlights

In the spring it is said that low lights are in; however, low lights isn’t for everyone. I am not a big fan of seasonal, hair trends. I say go for whatever color and look you want. My model Jennifer craved a lighter look. Her hair is naturally ash blonde so I went ahead and gave her golden highlights. Seriously ladies, highlights are ridiculously expensive and why go to a hair salon when you can do yourself for only $6 bucks. Yes, I am dead serious only $6!


Revlon Honey Highlight Kit. To purchase CLICK HERE

 I went ahead and used Revlon’s Frost & Glow Honey. You can find this product at Walmart for the low price of $6. Walgreens has it for about $12 and CVS for around $14. I have used a crap load of highlight bleach kits and this is my preferred. The great thing about this kit is that it does come with the cap, pick and plastic bowl for the bleach.


1. Jennifer has natural, curly hair so if you have any sort of wave to your locks I highly suggest you iron them out. It does not have to be perfect, but remember you are adding streaks to you hair, which will be noticeable from the middle part of your hair. You do not want to fuck this up!


2. Make sure to put the cap on slowly so you don’t ruin the perfectly split hair. Don’t be lazy. If you fucked it up the first time go ahead and take off the cap, redo the line and put the cap back on slowly.  Repeat this till you get it right!

Image3. Okay, so this is the fun part. Well not really it’s more like connecting the dots. On the cap there are two different circles. There is the bolded, black, circled holes and there are the non bolded, circled holes. I am not sure what the difference between them is, but choose whichever circle you want. I went ahead and chose the bolded ones. Slowly push the pick into the hole with the pointy end sticking up, that way it is easier to pull the hair out of the hole. Try not to dig it too deep you can seriously injure yourself or your friend. I’ve done it before. Not a cute look. If your head looks like Gollum’s you’re doing it right. “The precious…” If you don’t know what I am talking about something is seriously wrong with you!


4. Go ahead and apply the bleach to every plucked hair. I suggest using a brush that you can easily find at Sally’s for a $1. To purchase Sally Brush CLICK HERE


5. It is entirely up to you as to how long you want to stay with the bleach. I don’t recommend staying more than twenty minutes. Remember, the longer you stay with the bleach the drastic your outcome will be. If you want a drastic look I would recommend using a lighter color than honey. Since Jennifer was going for a natural look I left the bleach for only 10 minutes. The final outcome was beautiful. Did I forget to mention she didn’t pay me a dime? Bitch.



Who am I?


I am  an editor, radio DJ host, and publicist for OUTLOUD Multimedia. I’m a First Player Shooter junkie, hair dye addict, beer lover, Buffyverse extremist and a scream queen at heart, always looking for raw talent to expose to the world. I’ve been working with OUTLOUD for the past six years. With an array of columns and an eye for chic, I also created the OUTLOUD Street Team: a full force squad that promotes OUTLOUD at events including comic conventions and music festivals. Are you an aritist looking to be heard? E-mail and follow me on twitter @Leah_Pritchett.

When I am not working at Outloud I am always experimenting with hair. I’ve created this blog to show that with the right tools and information you can become your own hairstylist!